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                                                    Kitten/Cat Contract 

 Agreement between Breeder and Buyer 

 AnnKir Cattery 

 Iryna Karkachova ~ Owner A contract must be signed when purchasing a AnnKir Cattery kitten/cat. This contract is designed to  protect the buyer, the seller, and the welfare of the kitten/cat.  



City:__________________________ State:______Zip code:_________ 

Phone ________________________ Cellular:_____________________ 


Kitten/Cat being purchased as a Pet____ Show____ 


Male___ Female___ Breed / Color Pattern: ________________________ 

Sire: __________________________TICA Registration #:_______________________  Dam: _________________________ TICA Registration #:_______________________ Purchase Price: ______Deposit: _____ Balance: _____ Paid in Full: ___ Date:______ SELLER OBLIGATIONS 

1. The Seller, Annkir Cattery, provides a 72-hour limited health warranty that the above kitten/cat is in  good health and is free from upper respiratory infections, fleas and worms. The Seller also warranties  that the kitten is free of the feline leukemia virus (FeLV), feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), and the feline  immunodeficiency virus (FIV) at the time of purchase. 

2. If the kitten described above dies within one year of the date of purchase due to a congenital or  hereditary defect, the Seller will replace the cat with a cat/kitten of similar or better quality or refund of  all or part of the purchase price, at the discretion of the Seller. To determine if the cat's death has been  caused by a congenital or hereditary defect, the Seller must receive proof of the defect in the form of a  complete necropsy report, completed by a licensed veterinarian and performed at the Buyer's expense.

3. The Seller will have completed all of the age-appropriate vaccinations, worming, and neuter/spay. A  copy of the kitten's health record will be given to the buyer at the time of purchase. If the Buyer chooses  to inoculate for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), the warranty is invalidated. 

4. If this kitten/cat is found to have been neglected by the buyer, in ill health or if the Buyer does not  abide by the terms of this contract, the Buyer will surrender said cat/kitten to Seller unconditionally.

5. The Seller will provide the Buyer the kitten's TICA pedigree registration papers at the time of purchase  or in a timely manner. The Kitten/Cat's litter will be registered with TICA , and the Buyer may use this  form to register their Kitten/Cat individually. This low cost individual registration fee is the responsibility  and the option of the Buyer, and not necessary unless the cat is to be shown. 


Kitten/Cat Contract 

Agreement between Breeder and Buyer 

Annkir Cattery 

Iryna Karkachova ~ Owner 

1. In order to validate this warranty, the Buyer must take the kitten to a veterinarian within 72 hours, at  the Buyer's expense. The Buyer must notify the Seller of any claim under the warranty immediately. Any  necessary treatment or other expenses must be authorized by the Seller prior to treatment. 2. If the veterinarian finds any physical problems that make the kitten a poor health risk, the  veterinarian should 

write and sign a short note on his/her letterhead stationery, explaining his/her 

findings. The kitten may be returned to the Seller within seven days for a full refund or exchange for a  new kitten of similar or better quality, if available. The Buyer will be responsible for any shipping costs. 3. The Buyer agrees to provide the cat with a clean, pleasant environment, conducive to good health  and with adequate space for exercise. At least one litter box will be provided for each cat in the  household and will be cleaned daily. The kitten/cat will not be caged unless absolutely necessary for the  cats safety or health. 

4. The Buyer will provide the cat with proper nutrition in the form of a premium food. We feed and  recommend Royal Canin. Fresh water will be provided daily. 

5. The Buyer will provide the cat with proper veterinarian care and vaccines, and companionship. Any  significant health conditions during the cat's lifetime will be reported to the Seller. 6. The Buyer agrees the kitten/cat will live indoors only and will not let the cat roam outdoors. Letting  the kitten/cat roam outdoors is a violation of this contract. 

7. The Buyer will not declaw the kitten/cat. De-clawing is a violation of this contract. 8. The Buyer will not, under any circumstances, give, sell, or lease the kitten/cat to any animal shelter,  research facility, laboratory, pet store, or other commercial or noncommercial enterprise. In the event  that the Buyer can no longer keep the kitten/cat, the Seller will be contacted immediately as first option  to assist in the placement of the animal. 

9.The Buyer will spay/neuter the kitten before 6 months of age.Otherwise Buyer will need to pay full  price of the kitten as for breeding (double of the cost).The Buyer cannot keep the kitten/cat not  neutered/spayed. 


1. The Seller will not be held liable for any veterinary or health care costs occurring while the cat is in  possession of the Buyer, except as provided for by the above limited warranty. 

2. The Seller's maximum liability to the Buyer for any and all losses, claims, damages, or liability of any  kind shall be limited to the amount paid by the Buyer to the Seller under this agreement. Any expenses  for health care requested of the Seller by the Buyer will be paid at the discretion of the Seller. If Buyer  fails to comply with any aspect of this agreement, the Buyer forfeits any rights the Buyer may otherwise  have. 

By signing below, the parties of the Buyer and the Seller indicate that they have read and agree with all  of 

the provisions of the above contract. 

Kitten/Cat Contract 

Agreement between Breeder and Buyer 

AnnKir Cattery 

Iryna Karkachova~ Owner 

BUYER'S SIGNATURE: _________________________________ DATE______________ SELLER’S SIGNATURE_________________________________ DATE______________

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